Any Canadian non-trads?

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lit'l Gue
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Nov 20, 2004
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Are there any Canadian non-trads out there? I'd love to hear from you! Tell me about yourself.

Well, a little about myself:

My undergrad was in biomedical engineering. Realized I wanted to be a doctor since 2nd year, but my marks were really bad. Went for a PhD in chemical engineering in the States instead. It was a bad decision because even though my research sounds like it's biomedical, it's anything but. However, I found out there are more options for students with lower marks in the States. Just to give you an idea, in Canada most schools use a cut-off mark and they're usually around 3.7. If you don't have that you cannot go to med school in Canada. But in the States there seems to be a wider range of marks within the accepted students. Also, there are no DO schools in Canada, and I'm really interested in that approach. (Yea! They can practise in Ontario now!)

Anyway, the reason I started this thread is to see what you guys think about my stats, and what I have to do to be competitive:
undergrad GPA: 3.2-3.3 :(
grad GPA: 3.80-4.0 :)

I am totally ok with doing post-bac if I qualify for one and it boosts my GPA. However, I'm in an awkward position. My biomed eng background gave me exactly 1/2 of the pre-reqs. I have Chem 1, Phys 1 and 2, Orgo 1, and Calculus. I have some advanced bio courses but none of the freshman bio courses. I got better grades in pre-reqs than my overall GPA.

Sorry for such a long post and please let me know your advice on this.
BTW, can someone explain to me the acronyms used to describe different types of GPAs? I know UG stands for undergrad, but no clue about the others.