Any current students in the LECOM Distance Pathway who can comment on the program?


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Aug 24, 2005
I was considering applying to LECOM's relatively new Distance Pathway program and was just wondering if there were any forum members who are currently enrolled as students in the program. If you are, would you mind commenting on what you like and don't like about the program, what the whole experience of taking "online" pharmacy school classes is like, what you wish you knew about the program before starting it, etc.?

Thanks in advance!


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Mar 20, 2010
I can't speak for LECOM, but I graduated from Creighton's distance program and it was a great option for me. Lectures were taped every day and uploaded to the internet. You were able to watch them at 1.5 or 2x speed which really helps. Each student was issued a laptop with a webcam which was used to complete group projects, therapeutics case presentations, and other course material. You used to have to go to a proctoring site for taking exams, but I believe that they utilize web cam technology now so that you can take your exams at home. Trips to Omaha every summer for 1-2 weeks to do labs. I completed all rotations in my local area. They have an extensive database of sites that have worked with the school in the past. You also have the ability to set up rotations on your own and get them approved through the school. Feel free to post any questions here or private message me.
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