doctor med13

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Nov 15, 2014

I am a 16 year old high school student and I have a lot of questions in deciding what undergraduate degrees that will be the best choice for me. I would really prefer universities that are in Canada as I really want to don't want to go out of the country for school. Like most aspiring med students, an ideal undergrad for me is a one that I can get a strong GPA in, in a field in which it's useful for the med school/the MCAT, has the pre-reqs for med school already built-in/available, and in a university with lots of seats for their med program. Some questions -
- What universities in Canada have good md programs?
- What majors are there that meet some/all requirements?
- What are some good pre-med undergrad programs available in Canada?
- What high school pre-reqs are needed to apply for undergrad programs?

If someone has any useful information that would help me pls comment below. Even some info can really put me in the right direction! Thanks.