1. D

    Switching from Pre-Law to Pre-Med

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I had been having somewhat of a life crisis in the past year. I'm currently a rising undergraduate senior and I've been set on law school pretty much my entire life because humanities was always my strong suit and law just seemed like the right path...
  2. P

    UCSB CCS vs University of Nevada Reno

    I recently got my decisions from all the universities I applied to. I got accepted into UCSB’s CCS Biochemistry/Chemistry program and I got accepted into UNR’s Honors Program as a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. Unfortunately I didn’t get in anywhere else since the admission cycle was...
  3. T

    School Prestige vs. Peer Advantage vs. Student Support - What Undergrad School Equates to Success?

    Hey everyone, I’m facing a big transfer decision and am looking for some help in working through it in my mind. I am at community college now, have a 4.0 GPA and have applied to transfer to Stanford, CAL, UCLA (via Honors TAP), UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis (via TAG), UC Santa Cruz & Santa Clara...
  4. BradyJV

    Considering an online, one-year masters in nutrition during my gap year

    Hello, everyone. Long story short - My grades, LOR's, extracurriculars, etc should be decently competitive for medical school and wouldn't use this masters in a way to try to "boost" my application. I decided to pursue medicine after dietary and lifestyle changes that helped me tremendously. I'm...
  5. X


  6. G

    Is this how undergraduate research is supposed to be?

    Hi, All I literally do is follow protocols (pour plates, run experiments, keep a lab notebook, etc.); is this the way it's supposed to be? I thought undergraduate research meant developing a hypothesis to test using prior knowledge and then executing (developing experiments, performing...
  7. J

    MD What are my chances? HELP

    Check out my CV and let me know what to improve on. What are my chances for allopatric med. school?
  8. DoctorOrdinary

    What is a proper OOS school connection?

    Not a typical WAMC post but more of a question about the more in-state friendly public schools such as ones in Texas and Cali. I'm a Florida resident and have family (1st cousins) in Texas who I visit once every year or every other year. I also have a close relative in Cali that just recently...
  9. V

    Will I have a shot at any 6yr OMFS program?

    Hi all, I am studying for the CBSE right now, plan to take it in February but really distraught because I have seen a few posts regarding the importance of an undergraduate GPA for acceptance into a 6 year program. My undergrad performance was, by no means, stellar (~3.3 if you don't...
  10. Z

    Advice on what I should do Next

    Hello, I am going to graduate with a really low GPA: a little above a 3.2. I know this is far from competitive and I plan on taking a post bacc. I wanted to describe everything I've done so far. I would then appreciate further advice on what I should do to improve my application as I am going to...
  11. F

    I need advice on my non-traditional path to Medical School.

    Hello all, I have a question on the path I am having to take to get to medical school. I am an adult student and had to start college at 24 instead of 18 years old. I started my collegiate career at a community college in my home state. I received mostly A’s and B’s but I did not finish...
  12. Argentarius

    Undergraduate Courses During Grad School

    Because I'm gonna take some undergraduate-level courses during grad school (at the same school where I'm doing my masters) would they end up in my normal GPA/sGPA or in my graduate GPA?
  13. CalendarJ

    A question about asking questions

    Meta-question I’m sitting down next week to chat with a pathologist-scientist who’s the chair of this small department at hms/Brigham. I’m excited. I’m a 4th year undergrad. Doing a +1 masters, so starting grad school in 2020/2021 or so. I’ve been planning to do MDPhD but I’m starting to...
  14. S

    Urgent Advice/ Help Needed for Undergrad

    Hello, while I would love to get into detail about my life, I feel that it is better to make my situation and question/concern short and sweet. I am a rising sophomore student currently majoring in Biology. I am highly interested in Osteopathic medicine and Allopathic medicine, I lean more...
  15. DoctorOrdinary

    Boundaries of Volunteering, Making myself a "well rounded" applicant

    Many medical schools love insane amounts of volunteering, whether clinical or non-clinical. I do the typical box-checking stuff to meet the 100-200 hour "requirement" to make myself a better applicant, but I've only recently started and I will be applying next cycle. However, I also founded an...
  16. J

    Co-op Screw Up! Help a Canadian

    Hello! I'm a 3rd year business student in Canada, and I only recently decided to do medical school. Problem is, before I realized I loved medicine, I had already signed a contract for a marketing co-op. Even worse, while the company is a healthcare/bio company, on my first week at work, we've...
  17. B

    Pre- Med and Youtube Channel

    So my friend and I want to start a youtube channel, nothing bad or controversial, no swearing, family friendly.Will med schools possible look at it when I apply? If so, will it negatively affect my chances or acceptance, or will it not be a factor? Thanks for any feedback!
  18. C

    What undergrad should I choose?

    I’m a non-traditional student - 24 years old and just starting my undergrad. Going to a brick and mortar university for me right now isn’t possible, so I’m getting my undergrad from Arizona State University’s online program. I’m planning to get my undergrad and take extra prerequisites at my...
  19. Karrarhsepe

    Which school is better for Pre-Med: UCSD, University of Washington, UT Austin

    I have been accepted into UTA and UW so far. I am finding it difficult to choose a college. At the moment, I am drawn to the atmosphere and social life at UT, but I am also drawn to the academic rigor and ranking of UW for pre-med. I've heard that UCSD and UW are socially dead? Is that true? I...
  20. CalendarJ

    Lifestyle and Sleep

    Hello! I'm hoping to get some more background on the lifestyle and workloads of physician scientists. Do you often have to work overnight? Is it socially acceptable to work <60-hour weeks? How do you see lifestyle vary between fields, specifically with physician scientists? Background: 3rd...
  21. D

    Pre-Public Health Undergraduate Summer Programs Status

    Applied to the following programs on February 1st: Columbia University Summer Public Health Scholars Program Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Diversity Summer Internship Program Washington University in St. Louis Amgen Scholars Program I'm not sure if these programs have...
  22. K

    Survey: What were your biggest problems with finding undergraduate research?

    I'd like to know how the process of finding undergraduate research was/is for you. Please fill out this short 2-minute survey: 1. What was/is the hardest part about declaring a research interest? I have too many interests I don't have any interests I can't figure out what my interests are No...
  23. Avacado0o

    Has anyone transferred from a 4 year to another 4 year university?

    I'm curious if anyone has changed schools here. I transferred from one 4 year university to another because frankly, I hated with the grading system (It has +/- and the A- (90-92) was destructive to my GPA). The curriculum was also very heavy and they didn't teach that well but they had high...
  24. L

    Undergraduate research interview

    Hey guys, I recently got invited to an interview to be part of a very well respected doctor's research. I am, however, very nervous about the interview itself. I've never had to go through an interview before (college didn't require interviews, nor have any of my extracurriculars). My strengths...
  25. U

    Which university has a stronger undergraduate neuroscience program: University of Miami or WashU?

    I am aware that Washington University in St. Louis is ranked higher than the University of Miami overall, but I was wondering which university has a better/stronger undergraduate program in Neuroscience? I've been told the University of Miami by my college counselor, but would like to get some...
  26. G

    Don't Know Where to Go

    Hey SDN, I'm a senior in high school who is residing in Georgia and is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. However, before I can begin this journey I must first choose a undergraduate school to attend and I'm conflicted on where to go on one hand I can attend Kennesaw State University...
  27. Nita W.

    Premed advice (what next?)

    Hello sdn users, I'm seeking some advice about what my next move should be at this point. I currently have a cum. gpa of 2.52. Due to personal issues I went from being an honor-roll student to the current grade I now have. The past two quarters I finally decided to take a break from school and...
  28. D

    Big Name Undergraduate and Premed or Less Expensive University and Postbac?

    Hello there, I have read on here for a while without an account and have seen the countless amount of times someone has recommended doing an undergrad major that you are passionate + can get good grades in, and then do a Postbac year. That being said, my parents believe that being at a big name...
  29. selfhealing

    Need some advice regarding undergrad program.

    Hi everyone, I am very happy to join this forum although I am not sure if I am suitable to post here. I have a moment of hesitation in posting my questions here because I am not a dedicated student even I am 27 already, money and other careers options are my concerns too that's why my progress...
  30. chemdoctor

    Does prestige matter?

    Just wondering if the prestige of the UG school matter? I mean obviously it does if you're applying to Ivy Leagues as Ivy League med schools accept Ivy League students. But what if you're not gonna be applying to Ivies and just want a decent MD school? If you attend a college that is...
  31. M

    Dropping Physiology course after deadline

    I am dual AA/diploma recipient currently attending the University of Florida as a freshman and currently have 15 credits. My academic adviser has a huge issue with my course load: Organic I, Physics (W/O calc) with lab I, Human Physiology, Economics food issues, and and introductory course to...
  32. D

    Chances as a 3rd Year Undergraduate to UPenn/Buff/NYU 21AA

    I have just finished my DATs and am happy with my results. Bio: 19 GC: 21 OC:22 TS:20 RC:20 QR:25 AA:21 PAT:21 I am only a sophomore going into my junior year and after receiving my scores, is it possible for me to apply this late into the process (Likely late September application submission)...
  33. sasukeuchiha33

    Struggling with Major, please help!!!

  34. E

    Engineering Undergrad to Medicine Switch

    Hello everyone, I realize there are several engineering to medicine stories out there already. Mine is that I went into engineering because I was always good at math and science, and those who I knew in medicine always scared me off saying it was too expensive or too long and that I should...
  35. G

    Worried about undergrad debt

    Greetings, I'm not sure if anyone else is on the same boat as me but I definitely feel alone on this one. Unfortunately, due to not qualifying for anything but loans, I will be graduating with about 100k (interest included) in student debt from undergrad. Yes, most of that consists of private...
  36. S

    Undergrad Help

    Hello, A little bit of background for myself. I went to school for one year right out of high school and decided it wasn't for me. I worked for a retail eye care center in the area and decided to make optometry my career path. I'm working on setting myself up financially to go back to school...
  37. V

    UVA vs UF premed

    Hello! I got into UF (UF Honors) and UVa for undergrad. I plan on majoring in biology, going on the pre-med track. UF is my state school, so it's almost free (about 3K tuition). UVa would cost me about 32K tuition. Putting cost aside, which school is better for premed in terms of course work...
  38. R

    Low Science GPA help!

    I am currently an undergrad bio major at Rutgers University and just calculated my science GPA and it is low as hell! My overall GPA is a 3.1 but my science GPA is a 2.3! I failed Orgo twice before finally passing with a C. I've basically gotten C's in nearly all of my science classes except...
  39. giggle_bot

    Deciding an Undergraduate School... need clarification

    Hi, I just joined SDN and I am a senior in high school in Cincinnati, OH. I recently received all of my decisions from all of the colleges I applied to. I need some help deciding which colleges will prepare me best for my medical career goals. My goal is to get into a top grade medical school...
  40. l_studybuddy_l

    Junior Next Fall: Should I switch goals from Neuropsychologist to PA?

    Hi, I'm a current upper sophomore in undergrad majoring in Psych, minoring in Biology, and minoring in Neuroscience. I plan on going to school for my PSYD in Clinical Neuropsychology. So far I don't have any clinical experience, but I was a researcher's assistant last semester and got promoted...