Any ideas/suggestions for personal statements?

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Sep 22, 2005
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hi all,
i just discovered this site, it is great! but i have to admit that it has gotten me a bit anxious to turn in my apps seeing that people are already getting accepted. that being said, i have everything done for most of my apps (ICO, UCB, SCCO, Pacific, SUNY, NECO) EXCEPT the essays. i totally have procrastinated on them, but also i feel stumped. i am not one that "always wanted to be an optometrist". i started off looking at medical school, decided that wasnt for me. then i tried pharmacy, worked in one for a year, decided it wasnt for me. finally i looked into optometry on the suggestion of some pharmacisits i worked with. i worked in an awesome practice during my senior year and really enjoyed it. but again, it was never like a revalation that this is my calling. but i still feel really strongly about pursuing a career in optometry. sorry for the rant but i guess i am just frustrated :confused: . any suggestions/experiences would be really appreciated. THANKS!

i guess the main question that is in the back of my mind is that if i cant think of a reason to be an optometrist that doesnt sound cliche, is that a sign that maybe i shouldnt pursue it as a profession?

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I have a book about writing personal essays. A lot of people find it helpful. PM me after Monday.
I'm preety much in the same boat as ski2bopt other than we are applying to different schools.