Any Marquette Univ students here

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Feb 26, 2004
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:) Hi guys

I have an interview with Marquette univ on Mar 31-st.Can anyone please tell me about the univ and the patient pool there.I dont know much about the univ.
Also I have Chalk carving exam on that day.I haven't received any details regarding that .Can anyone tell me what it is like?
Waiting for u r replies.Thanks


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Aug 9, 2016
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Can someone please answer these questions from marquette dental school? Please answer the questions in the following format. Feel free to expand on your response and skip anything you don't want to answer.

1. Name of Your Dental School

2. Your Year (if you're not comfortable answering that, have you taken Part I of the NBDE?)

3. What is your examination schedule like? Block Schedule (midterms and finals week) or several every week?

4. What is the hardest class? Why?

5. What is the easiest class? Why?

6. Are class notes based primarily on textbooks? or based on lecture powerpoints made up by professors?

7. Are traditional (paper) textbooks used or are they electronic? If electronic, do you prefer traditional textbooks?

8. What is the grading system? Pass/Fail/Honors? Letter Grades? Percentages?

9. Are your classmates generally gunners and try to sabatoge each other? If not, is the culture one where everybody tries to help everybody out?

10. Is there a notetaking service for lecture available?

11. Is class attendance mandatory?

12. In general, are teachers approachable for questions? Or are they for the most part very busy and unreachable (research, etc...)?

13. What is the drop out rate?

14. Are there any resources to help students who are struggling?

15. What is the % first time board pass rate? What is the average score (if available)?

16. When do you take the NDBE Part 1?

17. Does the school offer classes/review sessions to prepare for Part 1?

18. Do you get a block of time off before boards to study? If so, how long? If not, do you have to study simultaneously with classes?

19. Do most people study in the University Library? Or does the place clear out right after school and everybody studies on their own?

20. Are patients readily available to fulfill clinical requirements or do you have to do a lot of work to get them in?

21. Is it a hassle to get a chair once you get patients in? In your opinion, does your school have enough chairs?

22. What are the clinical requirements to graduate? (number of crowns, fillings, etc...) Is it reasonably attainable or pretty difficult?

23. What types of opportunities do students have to explore different specialties?

24. Is there sufficent preparation for practice management? What career placement opportunites does your school offer?

25. What is the dress code at your school? Scrubs? For what years?

26. Is there much camaraderie between students in the same class? Do students generally associate with each other outside of school?

27. What student organizations are most active?

28. What are your opinions on the location of the dental school? Is finding housing an issue? Is safety an issue?

29. What do you not like about your dental school?

30. Any last words or advice?