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Sep 15, 2002
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Hey all,
just wanna know if anyone is pursuing an MPH degree before applying to Med school? So far, I'm loving MPH...I would love to tie medicine and public health together, but if that doesn't happen I'm happy with my degree :)


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Sep 2, 2002
New Britain, CT
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Hi likwidscorpion!

I'm currently pursuing my MPH in Epidemiology and plan to apply to either medical school or graduate school in clinical neuropsychology next summer. I really enjoy public health, especially the breadth of available courses as well as opportunities in the field.

My Master's thesis will examine medical and psychosocial correlates of elderly problem gambling (I'm from Connecticut where we havetwo of the largest casinos in the world -- Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun -- and thus, quite a few pathological gamblers).

What type of curriculum does your school have? Are you working on a thesis? Do you have to complete a practicum?

What type of medicine interests you? I am interested in preventive medicine as well as psychiatry and definitely plan to incorporate my public health training into whichever profession I choose down the road.

Keep this thread alive!


"It is a disturbing fact that Western civilization, which claims to have achieved the highest standard of health in history, finds itself compelled to spend ever-increasing sums for the control of disease."

-- Ren? Dubos (1987), Mirage of Health. Utopias, progress, and biological change.
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