Any new Wayne State Acceptances?

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Jan 26, 2007
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Hello, just wandering if any new person has been accepted to wayne State Pharmacy school. I am on the waiting list. Please share your stats. Thanks.

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Can you tell me when you interviewed at Wayne?

I interviewed on jan. 10, and haven't gotten any communication whatsoever.
I interviewed on Thurs Jan 18th, and received the wait list e-mail on 23rd. They should have contacted you by now Charles01.
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i interviewed jan 10th and got in jan 11th.
I had my interview on the 18th and got accepted on the 24th.

Pre req GPA: 3.85
Overall GPA: 3.5 - was orginally in engineering(bad idea hehe)
Pcat: 70

I shadowed pharmacists at a hospital in my city and I think i did very well on the essay and the questions in the interview.

Just be yourself, there is good prep on this website.
Thank you guys for the feedback. I will just wait and hope Wayne State calls me.:thumbup: