any news about UCLA march WREB?

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Apr 17, 2008
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Hi every one:
just want to check if any body has any news about when we should get the result back.this is too much stress.I expected to get it by today or tommorrow.I hope everybody pass.

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the results has been sent out yesterday april 21th. So be ready everybody. I am scared.:scared:
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When did UCLA take the WREB? I took the exam on what I recall being about the same dates, and got the results (Finally!) yesterday the 21st in the mail. It was tough waiting it out especially with the uncertain new stuff on the exam this year (class III composite and PATP).
I got my result right now and I passed, today is of on the happiest day of my life!!!!!!!!!:)
I finally got it .I passed 87.88 :D that's a very good feeling.good luck to all the ones that are going to take it in near future.
I finally passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after multiple tries. Man, it has been a rough year. :) Anyone have materials for the law and ethics? How is that exam?
Congrats, I'm so happy for you anteater. It's really been a tough year for you. The CA law & ethics exam is a piece of cake. Buy the book and read through twice. I had never had any exam that easy in my life since third grade.
so how do I study for the law and ethics exam for california? Can anyone point me to some info? Sample questions?
Hey Anteater
Congrats on passing. I just retook my WREB at NYU still waiting for the results. How did you do overall? Did you do well and feel well after you finished the WREB or you have any doubts? For me things were goin really well until the last day-my endo did not go so great, so I am worried. :rolleyes:
Hey, thanks. Endo was my achilles heal. I made sure this time to make my access small. I used a #2 round bur, anything larger will make it too big. I had doubts of passing, and I was nervous everytime the mailman came. But I finally did it. This is only the beginning though. Time to repay back the loans.