Any preference for np or pa for dermatology?

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Jan 27, 2018
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always had a large interest in dermatology. I was wondering if there is a larger preference in terms of hiring for np or pa? Or are they all relatively equal in terms of hiring?

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Whoever is cheaper at the time of hiring.
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My experience is that NPs tend to have a bigger “chip” on their shoulders, more likely to “not know what they don’t know” and higher chance they believe they can operate independent of a doctor.

Obviously that can differ for each person but I highly prefer PAs due to this militancy I’ve seen in many NPs. You can get in trouble fast in any medical specialty by believing you know more than you really do.

In my mind an NP is basically a PA with slightly inferior training and a license to practice independently.
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I hesitate to make a general statement as it really depends on the individual and their personality and training... but PA's on average may be more malleable to adopt the practice style and flow that the physician has in mind.
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