anybody here from poland?

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Dec 11, 2003
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hey anybody from poland, i am interested in some info about Jaggiellonian University Collegium Medicum. Let me know:D

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Jag's an ok school, but proffs are pretty nasty w/ US students particularly. They have a pretty poor impression of US students, in comparison to their scandinavian students.
They get this idea that us students are spoiled brats...
especially since there's a nearby medical university named katowice, that has many american students. The students from katowice are accepted with no standards whatsoever, and a degree is granted, with minimal/no effort..

I'd stay away from jag, gdansk ( very shady) or the katowice schools.
You should consider others in the same neighborhood..Hungary, Charles and Lodz.
Hungary is very very tough... been that way for years.
Charles is good, but maybe too tough.. as SDN's regular patron NEIL.C seems to say. He's a grad, or student, and seems to have very strong good feelings for Charles
Lodz is tough, with a US clinical track for clinicals. My friend is there, and he's finding it very difficult, but he seems to like the academics. He says some proff's sometimes are pretty rough on the students, but they use US books and have a USMLE styled format, so he isnt displeased with his choice. .
More than i can say for many students in Warsaw, Katowice or Jag.
ok...thanks for response acctually it wouldn't be bad for me since i am not american and i speek polish very well, but i just wanted to hear from people that were at the english devision of collegium medicum at Jagiellonski, i know that as far as polish studies are one of the best in poland(after warsaw one) but i wasn't sure how it is with english part...i still am more convinced to american schools, just wanted to check my options...if you know enything more i will be glad to read...:)
the english school is ok in jag, but if you're planning on coming back to the usa quickly, and you want a us residency easily, you might want to consider the us clinicals track at lodz. they also seem to help students transfer back to the usa. My friend went there on blind faith last year, but now is working on a US transfer. the dean apparently encourages the students to transfer back to the usa, and even helps in trasfer applications. This initially seems strange for a university dean, especially considering that they'd lose a paying student, but it seems that they're trying to make a strong reputation on transferbacks...
something that only st georges university did for a long time....

Some students complain that there's too many classes, and not enough time, but that's the case at most real universities.