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Mar 24, 2006
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Just curious, anyone apply to the Amgen program at Columbia? I looked into it but decided to do something else.


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Oct 14, 2006
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I applied to a bunch of places... got the rejection letter from NYU today. What's worse: they said they got 1,100 applications for 30 spots! I imagine most of those people applied to all of the other research internships in the city for the summer... so it's not looking too good.

Anyone else?

Wow...1,100 applications. That's almost as competitive as medical school. Don't sweat it though, my friend got rejected from the NYU program last year and she ended up doing a summer program at tulane. Word spreads fast and as more people find out about the really good summer programs, more apply.


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Apr 29, 2006
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i applied to, and i kid you not, ~20 programs last year (hey - the apps were free and the same everywhere!) and literally got waitlisted/rejected form every single one except one straight acceptance to a program at a top 5 graduate school..that's all it takes and it was an amaaaazing experience. best of luck. and also, don't be discouraged - these programs have all sorts of candidate criteria they have to meet through the NIH/NSF (who fund these programs) - such that the student is from a college without vast research opps, is a minority, hasn't had a significant research experience, etc. etc. so that makes it really difficult to meet these and therefore, get accepted!
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