Anyone else in this situation regarding FAP processing?


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Nov 3, 2016
Hi, all.

The FAP page (Fee Assistance Program) states that they are processing applications from May 8th and appeals from May 14th as of today (May 20th), but I still have not received a response to my submission from May 1st. Anyone else in a similar situation, not having received a response yet despite submitting long ago?

I understand that they are backed up due to a lot of new applications in response to COVID-19, but the website being inaccurate (if it is) gives applicants no idea of how soon/late they will get to their application, which is a necessary prerequisite for submission for many of us. If you are in the same situation, when did you submit your application/appeal? Maybe we can figure out a more accurate timeline together.

Thanks in advance for your contributions, everyone.
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