anyone from/know about UWSOP, please help



I'm geting a BS degree in Biology-Anthropology before application to pharmacy schools. First two years=not so good with a 2.9 GPA, worse, at a CC.was when I was not "pre-professional." I have three years left in undergrad(a little over two but I might as well do a quarter or two of post bac just in case I get in NOWHERE and it will help me IF i need to reapply).

I have ~20 months of pharm exp. and will stop this summer.

Among the classes I will be taking at a university are: organic chemistry, Human AP, Calculus, and two quarters of physics. I'm shooting for 3.8+'s in everything.

to the point: anyone know about UWSOP....(University of Washington School of Pharmacy)...and generally how they view people who sucked big time then got better academically? I hoping to do VERY well on the PCAT. I will apply the end of my second (out of three) year at this university I'm going to.


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Nov 15, 2005
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It has recently been brought to our attention that information about the University of Washington School of Pharmacy PharmD Program Admissions process, policies and procedures has been inaccurately posted to this website. The posting of inaccurate or misleading information is of concern to us as qualified candidates may be deterred from applying based on this information.

We invite all interested applicants to contact our Office of Academic and Student Programs directly for information about our PharmD Admissions Process, policies and procedures ([email protected] or 206-685-2715). Potential applicants can request transcript reviews and/or appointments with our advisors, including the Chair of the PharmD Admissions Committee.

Information about our program can also be found on our website at This website holds our new brochure as well as specific information about our academic program, the application and admissions process, dates for Pharmacy Information Sessions, etc.

Please note that we will fairly evaluate each applicant as an individual as well as within the context of the applicant pool. We will provide applicants with a truthful assessment of their academic work and potential for application.

With regard to inaccurate and misleading information posted to the Student Doctor website:

For the 2006 Admissions Process, 37% of accepted students had a prerequisite GPA between 3.0 and 3.4 and 35% had a cumulative GPA between 3.0 and 3.4. Additionally, 35% percent of students accepted to our program were from out-of-state.

Thank you,
University of Washington School of Pharmacy Admissions Staff


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That figure was intended as a recommended goal for that individual student to present a competitive application, not as a minimum standard set by the school for admissions.
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