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Aug 2, 2010
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I'm fresh out of residency and looking for a short-term, part-time job (~6-8 months) to save up some money before moving. Has anyone worked as an independent contractor through National Health Rehab? I know there are a few organizations like this out there where you make a good amount of money as a consultant at a SNF/SAR. I'd be looking to work part-time as I'll be studying for boards as well. I know there wouldn't be any benefits through the opportunity and I'd have to cover malpractice. They said they have a billing team but not sure how helpful they actually are or if I would end up having to figure it out on my own. So if anyone has worked with them (or a similar organization), I'd love to know your pros/cons!

Also, would you recommend switching from claims-based to occurrence malpractice insurance (even if it means paying a little more) when working for companies like these?

Thanks in advance for your response!
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