Anyone hears from FASA?


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Mar 30, 2004
    You can do a search and get your SAR (Student Aid Report) from them. Hold on .. hehe

    800) 433-3243

    i think thats the #

    call them and get your SAR. Then call your schools financial aid and ask them if they have recieved all your information.

    Take care


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    Oct 22, 2003
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      my FAFSA is complete and they already started asking me to hold on paying my undergrad loan since i'll be in school again soon.

      as far as getting anything from the school, IU told me that i won't get my reward letter until end of MAY. this really sucks becaiuse i'd need $49k just for school and i know that even if i get the max $38 500, i'd still need more pvt loans. wouldn't be better to have me start doing all that paperwork now than in MAY?


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      Jul 13, 2003
      1. Dentist
        Got my FAFSA info back in 3 days, literally. How? I did it online. Next time, do an online application, and the renewals will have your past answers (minus the tax and parts) to make things easier. It's also a lot easier to make changes if you made a mistake on the SAR. On top of that, they expidite to your school's FA office faster.

        Just make sure you keep your pin and all your personal info SECURE and not written down. Changing them up every so often isn't a bad idea either.
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