May 17, 2012
Dental Student
I have a quick question about this program and any insight would be appreciated.

I have taken one of the exams on "crack the boards" but I took it at 2 different times. (Morning/Afternoon). My results are as follows:

Morning: Anatomy 22/50 (which the program said estimated score was 72) Biochem/Physio 28/50 (estimated score 82) Micro/Path 28/50 (estimated score 82) and DA 36/50 (estimated score 89). All of this seemed well and good. When I had more time I took the second half of this same exam and my results were as follows:

Afternoon: Anatomy 25/50 (77), Biochem/Physio 27/50 (81), Micro/Path 28/50 (82) and DA 35/50 (88). So overall I thought that I was doing okay...well enough to pass. Well, when I tried to obtain my total score I added up all of my correct over 400 which was 229/400! This is not so good! Does anyone know how this computer program estimates scores? If you are using this same program and have taken the exam, was your progress reflected on the actual exam?

Im really freaking out since my exam is in 3 weeks and I am under the impression that to pass I need to be getting at least 240 questions correct. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.