Anyone using/ used Kaplan home study books?


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Nov 26, 2003
    I actually just got them (ebay $250) and theyre pretty decent but the path section seems to be a little lacking compared to brs. At least for GI and Endocrine, the only sections I have been through so far. I skimmed the basic pharm, mico, immuno, and biochem and they seem pretty solid. I just got them yesterday, so I'll post back after I do a once through.
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    Sep 4, 2004
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      They are worth it if you will use them, but they take time to read, so dont buy them unless you think you can devote the time. I am a slow reader and calculated that it will take me about 3-5 hours a week from now until may to get through them all if I spend ~12 hours a day over christmas and spring break as well. This year is hardcore!!!

      I just started using an old copy- I read them along with BRS path during the theme that I am in. I think they are great- they really sum up first year well, and cover all the major points my lecture covers as well, so I focus a lot on that stuff that is taught in class and on the boards- They also came highly reccomended by a friend in third year who did the same as i am doing and got a 250-


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      Jun 17, 2004
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        I had the same question. I have the option of purchasing the home study review or getting the class books at a discount with my school, so also are they any different from the kaplan class books? thanks in advance

        How good are the discounts for the kaplan class books?
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