Apr 4, 2010
Has anyone here taken them? I'm a PL-3 DO at an ACGME program and I'm considering taking them. According to the AOBP website, I can take them in April prior to graduating residency. I'm going to work for a hospital with a DO residency program, so it would benefit me in the future in terms of CME and academic progression. Problem is, all of our curriculum during residency has been geared to the ABP exam.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any info as to the overall difficulty of the AOBP exam compared to the ABP exam. There doesn't seem to be much info out there as to specific study resources or how to gauge your likelihood of passing.

Has anyone heard anything about how tough the AOBP exam is?
Mar 30, 2012
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HI- just wondering how the do peds boards went as I am taking them in a month!


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Oct 20, 2005
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I didn't even know this existed. You learn something new everyday.

I'm curious, as I have never heard of this before, what advantages does doing the AOBP give you being a DO? Is it just CME? Do you have to take the ABP, or is it just one or the other? As a DO, can't you just take the ABP and still get CMEs to stay licensed? What makes the material different from the ABP? Looking the AOBP, they don't really offer subspeciality board certification, so you would have to take the ABP if you want to subspecialize in pediatrics it look like (except for the few listed), is that correct? Thanks for the info.
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Apr 12, 2003
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You can take one, the other, or both exams. I see no particular advantage to taking the AOBP other than I think it's a little cheaper and it would allow you to be a program director of an osteopathic program or DME at a site with DO programs (I believe you have to have an osteopathic board certification to do either). But, IIRC, there are only three non-dually accredited AOA peds residencies. In all the rest, should you want to progress in educational leadership, you'd be fine with your ABP certification. Taking and keeping your AOBP board cert also marries you to paying yearly AOA dues for as long as you're certified. While I do keep my member ship in the AOA, sometimes I think that they have the capability of moving in directions that I would become increasingly unhappy with and I would forfeit my membership.