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Nov 29, 2013
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Advisor Prep Education’s (APE) HotSeat™ is included for all APE Insider, Executive and Director students. HotSeat™ is designed to provide acuity into how your medical school application stacks up under an admissions committee’s scrutiny and allows your application the opportunity to undergo the ultimate test prior to submission: a one time admissions style file review performed by a former voting member of the admissions committee for the program where acceptance is sought.

Applicants typically spend over 80 hours (4,800 minutes) completing their medical school application, scrutinizing every fact to ensure they aren’t missing any important details. By doing so, they may become so fixated with their application in a manner that prevents them from recognizing how their application will be received under a more realistic, efficient review; in other words, they fail to see the forest from the trees. Keep in mind that after you officially submit your application, an admissions committee member will realistically spend between 15-30 minutes reviewing your file in full before making a decision on your future.

For more information about HotSeat™ for Medical School, please click here.
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