Apr 27, 2020
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Hi all,

I have created an application (currently only available on Android devices) that uses your smart phones camera to identify prescription medicine. I was hoping for some feedback from the users expertise on this forum.

Link to play store listing.

Simply snap a picture of any prescription medicine and let Artificial Intelligence handle the rest. Results will show right on the screen.

With auto capture, the app will take pictures of your pill until a result is found. You will see the results on the bottom of your screen. When clicking the results, you may view the details of the prescription medicine including:

* Description
* Precautions
* Dosage and Administration
* Overdosage
* Adverse Reactions

Every year over 100,000 Americans receive the wrong prescription resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. Studies show that nearly 90% of employee pharmacists had made in error in the past year.

Smart Pill ID's mission is to tackle these issues and provide a safe approach to combatting dispensing errors and identifying prescription medicine in seconds.

Thank you for your time!
~ Buildloop


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Nov 15, 2011
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Hope you have some kind of disclaimer for when this identifies something incorrectly and harms/misleads someone
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Oct 12, 2015
CVS Help department, more like helpless
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Seems pretty worthless compared to standard pill identifier databases....maybe feasible for people with very bad vision/aka those old folks who struggle to read imprints (these are the same group of people who will probably struggle with technology know-how....><). As an RPh, seems pretty worthless to use myself....my memory, drug know how/pattern recognition of manufacturer imprinting, sufficient near sight and pill identifier databases are a far more convenient and time efficient


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Feb 21, 2002
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It's not bad. This can't distinguish solid dosage forms from pictures of them. Does not recognize nonstandard shapes like Zantac 75, Ativan A. Misidentifies clear street drugs in irregular shapes by color: Ecstasy is identified as Flintstones.
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Nov 22, 2009
Cool idea but the average person calls the pharmacy for help to identify a drug. We're not going to ask the old person on the phone to text us a photo of the pill.
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