1. P

    VA HPSP for Pharmacy 2024

    I applied as a PharmD Scholarship Candidate as of 3/26/24. If anyone has applied this year, what is your current status? Mine still says submitted as of today. When emailed they said that they don't have an ETA on review for pharmacy submissions.
  2. S

    KGI vs WesternU School of Pharmacy

    I got accepted into both Keck Graduate Institute Pharmacy and Western University Pharmacy. Which school should I go to? (I'm interested in residency and informatics pharmacy.) Keck Graduate Institute 4 years $80,000 4-year scholarship tuition before scholarship: $197,600 newer program...
  3. ElleTori

    Massachusetts MPJE

    Is anyone taking the MA MPJE? If so, what study materials are you using?
  4. Z


    Hi, I got accepted and will be attending as part of the Class of 2027. I want to ask where I can join the community since I did not find a group on social media, and get some advice as I am a transfer student. Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  5. K

    Best way to prepare for a future in Pharmacy

    What are the best ways to prepare yourself for life after pharmacy school? What should pharmacy students be doing to have a higher chance of securing a decent job after graduation? Are residency programs worth it? Please give any and all advice that you have for future pharmacists. Thanks!
  6. B

    Pharmacy jobs without license

    What jobs are there for PharmD graduates without pharmacist license?
  7. WhateversClever

    Remote Data Verification

    I currently work in retail pharmacy and don't know how much longer I can survive. The pay is good but the stress, lack of respect and effect it has on my personal life can not be discounted. I recently had COVID and was forced to stay home for 10 days. It was the longest I had been off work in...
  8. P

    Roseman Pharmacy Class of 2026

    For anyone who has applied for early admission/priority admission, how long did it take for you to hear back from Roseman?
  9. C

    Retail, Hospital, Industry, or Own Business?

    New to the forum, any and all feedback appreciated. Who here either works in currently, or has experience in the following: Retail, Hospital, Industry, or Own Business? Pros, Cons, experiences in each? Thanks!
  10. AC3_PharmD

    Seeking an ER Clinical Pharmacist

    Hello pharmacist folks! I am posting because I am looking for a residency trained preferrably pharmacist (PGY1 or PGY2) who is looking for an EM Clinical Pharmacist Job. I am trying to catch the pharmacy residents after graduation so you know July is the time! ** Please note I am also open to...
  11. C

    Distance Education Pathways...? (LECOM, Creighton)

    Hello, What are these programs actually like? The pre-matriculation modules seem pretty long, are they necessary? - Are the classes able to be recorded? - Is attendance actually "mandatory" or can you study on your own time? - How well would you rate the curriculum overall? - How are the...
  12. L

    Implicit bias training

    Hey everyone I need to complete an implicit bias training for my pharmacy school in order to get my pharmacy intern license. Does anyone know where I can do the implicit bias training that will meet LARA’s requirements? I know it’s a live webinar type thing and I did see some websites but I’m...
  13. B

    University of California Irvine, PharmD Class of 2026

    Hello all! I had an interview with UCI last Thursday. I wanted to start a thread for PharmD applicants for this cycle.
  14. B

    Creighton PharmD, Class of 2026

    Hi all! I thought I’d start a thread for us who have been accepted into the Creighton Distance program for the class of 2026. I’d love to connect with my fellow classmates!
  15. berk510

    UCSF School of Pharmacy Class of 2025

    Hey guys, Has anyone else applied to UCSF for this cohort? I’m still waiting on interview invite notification! Hoping to hear back next week whether I’m invited or not. Lets support each other here! Good luck! 🤞
  16. P

    Dropped out of pharmacy school, now what?

    So, I’ve dropped out of pharmacy school. To be fully transparent, I was halfway through my program. I feel confident in my decision but now I’m struggling to figure out what to do next! I do have an undergrad degree so I’m looking in to that, but it seems everything required a higher degree or...
  17. O

    NJ MPJE 2021

    I'm currently studying for the NJ MPJE. So far I've used RxPrep MPJE, and the documents from the NJ BOP website. What else do you guys suggest I can use to study or can do to study to help ensure I pass this exam 1st time? How many questions do you think you would need to get in...
  18. K

    Texas A&M Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy C/O 2026

    Haven’t seen a discussion yet so I thought I’d start one. Has anyone submitted their application for early decision?
  19. X

    How do I negotiate my Walgreens job offer?

    I’m currently a licensed pharmacist in MA and am hoping to move to IL in the next month or so. I had a phone interview with someone from talent acquisition and a store manager of a Walgreens in IL and was offered a job. When the person from talent acquisition called me, he offered $100K...
  20. diana2000

    Pharmacy Application

    Hey everyone i’m currently applying for the 2021-2022 cycle for pharmacy school and was wondering if it matters on when i apply? the pharmcas application opens july 14 and realistically i could apply then but my summer classes aren’t finalized till august 20 and i want those classes to show up...
  21. W

    Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    There are no breaks from exams throughout the semester. All four exams are on a SINGLE DAY on Mondays and there are a full day of classes the next day. Most pharmacy schools have their therapy, pharmaceutics, and physiology finals spread throughout the week, but not here. With Spring Break...
  22. L

    Need Job Advice

    Hey everyone. I’m a 2020 grad and currently work as a per diem pharmacist for an independent for about 8 months now. My current pay is $45/hr with no benefits and my hours are inconsistent. I average about 27 hrs a week (can be more or less). I like working there because it’s relaxed and we’re...
  23. stella_silvam

    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    hey! any tricks&tips on how to memorize drug structures? :)
  24. diana2000

    Pre-Pharmacy school advice? pls help :)

    Hello everyone! very new to SDN (please go easy on me) I joined this site in hopes of getting some insight on what to do. I am a prepharmacy student and am planing to apply for the coming cycle. I’ve been really anxious on whether or not i’d get an interview or even accepted so here are my...
  25. G

    OSCE Pharmacy

    Our pharmacy class is taking the OSCE in a couple of days. I heard it's a new skills examination for accreditation. Has anyone else taken this in pharmacy school? If so, any tips?
  26. J

    UT Austin Pharmacy (Class of 2025) 2021 Admissions

    Anyone hear back yet from the last interview cycle (Feb 27) about admissions decisions? I know March 15 was the latest we’d hear back.
  27. P

    Community based residency questions

    I've been told to look into community based residencies and fellowships, but it doesn't really sound like something that's very unique to me.. I also read about what they are, and it sounds like a bunch of what I'm already doing, just at half the salary that I'm at currently. Can someone that...
  28. D

    Colorado biomedical science masters degree

    I’m really interested in University of Northern Colorado Masters in Biomedical sciences. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the program like how many people get accepted to professional schools afterwards? What is the program like? How is the final test at the end and how did you...
  29. L

    Pursue pharmacy? need help

    Hello everyone, i’m a senior at my university and am in a situation. I have been pre pharmacy my entire college career and was planning on applying for the fall 2021 cycle but lately i’ve been questioning whether or not i should really pursue pharmacy. I have shadowed a couple of retail...
  30. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school advice!

    Hello :) I’m currently a junior at my university pursuing pharmacy hopefully and i’ve been really stressed. My two schools i am aiming for have removed the obligation for a PCAT score for 2021 applicants (Wayne State University and University of Michigan) i have a 3.5 gpa score as of right now...
  31. Y

    UMaryland-Baltimore School of Pharmacy

    Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anyone else completed their interviews and math test for the University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Pharmacy. If you have done those things, how long did it take to get a response from the admissions team regarding their decision? Faculty interview - 11/02...
  32. L

    University of Oklahoma COP 2025

    I applied by October 1st fall priority deadline. Has anyone else applied and received an interview invite, yet?
  33. J

    For Sale selling Dr.Collins PCAT Prep 2020 materials

    Selling the entire 2020 updated version of Dr. Collins PCAT Prep materials for $100. this includes all the review material, and all the practice tests as well. some of the packets have very minor creasing and markings. Ended up getting a 92nd percentile on the test this year, and these...
  34. H

    APPE rotations and chronic illness?

    Hey all. I'm a P3 and am getting ready to register for APPE rotations. I've noticed a lot of them are 10ish hour days, starting at 4/5AM, M-F. I have a documented chronic illness where a schedule like this can cause flare-ups. I'm fully aware that this is a requirement for graduation and I'm...
  35. H

    How Long Did It Take For Them To Reply To Your Application?

    I submitted my application for Fall 2021. It was verified by PharmCas two days ago. I was just wondering if any students who have applied there could tell me how long it took for them to reach out to you afterwards. Thank you!
  36. P

    Australian Pharmacist applying to American medical school

    Hi I was just hoping I could possibly get some advice about applying to medical school. I'm actually a practicing pharmacist in Australia. I'm actually a dual Australian-American citizen. I've been looking into American medical schools on forums and such but most information is about applying as...
  37. Z

    losing accreditation what a student can do

    Hello, as a pharmD student, Our school never had any issues in the past with accreditation (which is amazing) . but because of losing a lot of faculty (professors) as of today that how its showing now for the school Review Period Review Type Board Action Accreditation Status...
  38. R

    The Overlap of Pandemic and Opportunities

    Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all doing well during crazy situations and things have been alright. I was at a loss for a few weeks and after trying to get it figured out on my own, I thought I should see if anyone can help me with my issue here. Currently, I am in my fourth year doing...
  39. K

    Manchester University Fort Wayne

    Any news on this school and their PharmD dual program with Masters in PGx (pharmogenomics)?, just want thoughts and opinions if its a good program.
  40. K

    Manchester University Pharmacy-Fort Wayne

    Hello all, i currently got accepted into Manchester PHARMd program for this fall. I would really like some insight as to if this a good choice of school over other programs such as ferris state(which could be a second option for me if i wait another year to apply to there school). And if the...