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Nov 4, 2010
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I am a P4 student and will be starting my APPE rotations in the spring. I've done quite well in my studies and am in Rho Chi, although i don't really feel like I know all that much. I want to get the most out of these rotations. In my previous IPPE rotations I felt like I learned nothing. I rotated at a CVS for my community rotation, and all they had me do was fill all day and do some inventory. They didn't even teach me how to answer simple questions on the phone after I had indicated no retail pharmacy experience whatsover. Suffice it to say, I dreaded going to work, as I felt I learned nothing of actual "pharmacy practice" due to how busy they were, and because my preceptor did not feel inclined to teach me anything. I want this go around to be different.

Because of my bad experience in retail, I am now leaning towards hospital pharmacy, and to be honest I think thats what I've always wanted to do anyway. To anyone who has gone through APPE's could you give me any tips in regards to how to approach them. Also, how to make a good impression in terms of getting hired after the fact. These might seem like inane questions, but I really would like some input. Thank you in advance.

*As an aside, if your in retail and someone other than the person on the script wants to pick up a controlled med do you need the drivers license of both the person to whom the script belongs too as well as the person picking up said control?

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I asked a similar question a few weeks ago. You can find some helpful tips here --> Year Rotations?.1044009/

Above all else - I would say ask questions and tell your preceptors that you want to learn as much as you can. I was talking to a few of the clinical pharmacists at my school and they told me that they don't expect students to necessarily know everything, they just want students to put the effort in to learn what they can. The other thing they told me is, if you don't know the answer, don't just start guessing because that just wastes time. Just say I don't know, I'll be happy to look it up, and make sure you know for the next time.

Hope that helps - good luck!