Application Advice? Should I wait another year?

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by wkbrdr52, May 16, 2014.

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  1. wkbrdr52


    May 15, 2014
    Hello everyone,
    I am currently a non-student and graduated from The Ohio State University this past December with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology with a Minor in Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship, while completing all pre-dental requirements. My GPA was a 3.26 and my Science GPA is roughly a 3.00. I am going to take the DAT in August and have been in contact with admissions advisors at a few schools (Ohio State being my #1 choice).

    I realize that my GPA and lack of research is a huge hinderance to me getting accepted. However, I have extensive background in entrepreneurship, running various businesses and perfecting my leadership skills. My father has also been a dentist for the past 25+ years and I have been in-and-out of his practice for the past 10+ years gaining basic understandings of the clinical and business aspects of a dental practice. My father's practice has been quite unique as he has thorough training through Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies as well as becoming one of the few dentists focusing on Oral Appliance Therapy for Dental Sleep Medicine. Through my father's network, I have also had the privilege to shadow oral surgeons, orthodontists, cardiologists, etc, and learn about other facets within the dental field.

    I was hoping everyone could help me with some advice as I am now at a crossroad. I am wondering if I should take the chance and apply to 10 schools this coming June/July or should I wait another year and try to better my chances of application in 2015? I am dead-set on going to The Ohio State University as it is my father's alma mater and I would love nothing more than to work with him and help him continue his lifelong dream of changing people's lives. I'm extremely nervous that I have no chance at all of getting into OSU, but I have had reassuring advice from advisors that with a strong DAT score I could get in. Is this too far-fetched? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    My other schools of interest are:
    - Case Western Reserve University
    - Indiana University
    - New York University
    - University of Kentucky
    - University of Louisville
    - University of Pittsburgh
    - University of Tennessee
    - Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine
    - East Carolina University School of Dentistry
    - Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine
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  3. Glimmer1991

    Glimmer1991 SDN Gold Donor Gold Donor 2+ Year Member

    May 5, 2012
    I will go ahead and reiterate my points from the other thread in case others want to chime in. :)

    You might need to do a master's program to raise that sGPA a little bit. That's good that OSU told you they would weight a high DAT heavily, but I'm not positive where other schools will stand.

    Secondly, a lack of research is actually NOT a huge hindrance to dental school acceptance. I, along with many others, didn't have any... and we were all fine. It won't hurt to have it, of course, but it isn't a necessity for many schools. I don't recall ever seeing someone say that Ohio State is one of the schools that put a larger emphasis on research... but someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

    You definitely have some good life/extracurricular experiences, and that certainly help.

    I don't think you have anything to lose if you apply this year. HOWEVER, I would try to take the DAT earlier than August. Even if you technically
    "submit" in June or July, schools aren't going to do jack squat with your application until they have your DAT scores. If you take the DAT in August, it would be mid- to late-August before your scores are actually sent out to schools. I'll be blunt--with a lower GPA, I wouldn't want to be applying that late. Ideally, take it in early July. You'd be doing yourself a favor.

    Unless you are a NC resident, take ECU off that list pronto. They ONLY accept in-state students. Or, if you are a NC resident--why ain't UNC on that list? :p

    The blunt truth is that with your current GPA, you probably need to add some more private schools to that list. Even barring any application issues, it is hard enough to get into a state school as an OOS student. I would aim to broadly apply to 15 schools.

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