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Apr 3, 2002
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I am taking my pre-requisites post-bacc. If I took physics and chem this year, and o-chem next summer, would it make sense to apply for fall 2004? Or would my application be too late (considering I will still be in o-chem that summer)? Thanks, and good luck to all still on wait lists!!


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Apr 19, 2002
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If you take the MCAT in August of 2003 than yes, you can apply for entrance to medical school in Aug/Sep of 2004. You would just be in Organic I and II (assuming your school is like mine Jun and July) while studying for the MCAT. I am currently in Organic II and it is a lot of work but doable personally I would not be able to take Organic I and II plus study for the MCAT and apply in the same month/s (but that is just me).
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