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Oct 9, 2003
Madison, WI
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Hello everybody-

I am getting ready to send out my apps for post baccs and just wanted to get a feel for the timing. It seems like a lot of go getters have already sent in materials to Drexel MSP (for example) to be early in the selection process. Are most people already done with applications or is anyone still waiting for materials to apply (like me)?

I'm just tring to get a picture of how late I am with things, if at all despite not passing any final deadlines yet.

Thanks and good luck.


Sucka Foo
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15+ Year Member
Aug 19, 2002
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Well, I know that Drexel's MSP program fills up very fast. They only have 35-40 slots open for the MSP program. I spoke with someone that went through the program and he said it fills up VERY fast--they are on a rolling admissions.

I hope this helps,

drumming :D

PS The deadline for the MSP program is July 2, 2004 (I am pretty sure on the date). Oh, you can also download the application via Drexel's website:

MSP/IMS 2004 Application
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