Apply This Cycle or Next Year?

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May 21, 2012
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My background:

Graduated from UC Irvine, Bio Major

BCPM GPA: 3.378
All Other GPA: 3.455
MCAT: 29 R (10P, 8V, 11B)
Took MCAT again on 4/28, haven't gotten results yet. Hopefully in 32-33 range.
California Resident

Did 2 years of research at UCI and have a co-author publication. Currently working full time as a Research Technician at a Medical Center. I have been volunteering at a rehabilitation institute and also have been shadowing 2 orthopedic surgeons.

I will be attending a 11 month Masters of Science in Global Medicine Program at USC starting in August. I feel that I will excel because I didnt really put my best effort in undergrad.

How will Medicals schools view a master program? Should I apply this cycle of wait until I finish my masters?

Thanks Everyone in advance, I appreciate the help

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A masters program is a great opportunity to show admission committees that you can handle a heavy course load (if you do well) in contrast to your below avg GPAs. Plus, medical schools are looking for mature, well rounded individuals and completing a masters reflects that in a way. I think you should go ahead and apply this cycle. If your MCAT is a 30+ I believe you have a pretty good shot assuming you apply early and have solid primary essays. When you apply also depends on your preference. Will you be ready for the onslaught of medical school after completing a masters or do you want a year off? Just something to think about.
Thanks for the input, was just concerned about spending the money and time to apply this cycle if my prospects weren't that good.

Im leaning towards applying this cycle because I dont want to take another year off after my masters, I've already took a year off after college.