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Applying again next cycle after being matched


Full Member
Aug 14, 2017
    I am currently M4 and I will be applying for radiology residencies this fall. If get matched into a transitional/preliminary year+radiology program, during my transitional/prelim year, is it possible to reapply to other radiology programs? Specifically, I was wondering

    1) Am I going to be legally bound to the radiology program that I get matched into such that I won't be able to apply to any other programs during my transitional/preliminary year?
    2) If I do so, would I have to reveal the fact that I was previously accepted into a radiology program, or would there a way for them to find that out, and if they have that knowledge, would that adversely affect my chance of getting an interview from them and matching into the programs?
    3) Instead, is it possible at all for me to apply just for the transitional/preliminary year this fall, strengthen my application during the time I have left in my fourth year (more research and better recommendations) and during my intern year, I apply for radiology program?

    I would greatly apprecaite your help!
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