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Jan 29, 2005
Staten Island, NY
Hi all. I am interested in applying in late '05/early '06 to a few BS programs here in the NYC area. However, I will be done with pre-reqs in May of 2006. All of the programs I am interested in allow application while pre-reqs are in progress.

Do you think that those applicants who have completed all pre-reqs, and therefore grades for those pre-reqs to enter on their apps, have an advantage?

Thanks! :D



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Aug 15, 2002
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Tony, you forgot to mention that you are applying to Physician Assistant programs in your msg. This forum encompasses several professions.

To answer your's dependent upon the program. I really don't think it would matter since they do allow you to apply with some prereqs in progress. They may be more interested to see how you perform in A&P, biology, chem classes, etc. If your transcript & the rest of your app materials looks good w/o all the prereqs, I'm sure you can still get an interview.

Honestly, you should not let that stop you from applying, just cast your net out & go for it. Be sure to put together the BEST application possible first! :)