Applying for PA school

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Jan 26, 2008
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I have a friend who has a background in healthcare management and an MBA, she has been in healthcare for 10yrs.Now she wants to be a PA , and was asking if she would need to do her prerequisites in biology etc again
Her bacholers and masters are like 8 -10 yrs back

Thank you

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I was not sure if there is a PA forum or not, you can move it wherever its appropriate

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Hi, if I were her I would look at the websites of each school I'm trying to apply to and check the pre-reqs. Every school has different pre-reqs (ex- some schools require a semester of O-chem, others don't.) If she is finding that the courses she took for her health science degree don't match the pre-reqs, she would have to take those courses. She should narrow down what schools she wants to go to, know their pre-reqs, she should call the admissions tell them about her situation and see what they advise. She may need to do a Post Bach program to fulfill the requirements. FYI I'm not a PA yet, I'm just finishing my undergrad
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Some schools want your prerequisites to be more recent, some don’t care if they’re old as long as they were completed. She’d need to check each website to determine if they expire for that school or not.
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