applying EM-IM and EM at same program?

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by tBw, May 4, 2004.

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    Okay, this question comes from complete ignorance and idle curiosity as I am about as far from needing to think about this as possible but... if you are interested in EM-IM there seem to be very few actual programs that offer this - so can you also apply to straight EM at the same programs (assuming you don't know what you'de prefer till having seen them) and how do programs look on this? I am just curious as obviously you would have to then rank one of that programs residencies higher than the other. Do they specifically ask you which you would prefer (I think this might be "against the rules" but actually doesn't sound so implausible as you can only fully sell yourself as committed to one path or the other...?)

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    You're correct. Since there are so few, you need to apply to other programs. Usually that means Categorical EM programs and not IM. When I applied, I chose both at each program that had both to offer. They asked me what my first choice was and I told them EM/IM, but my second choice would be EM.

    You would have absolutely no chance if you reversed that answer. It would then be very obvious that you were using the EM/IM program as a "backdoor" to get in the program.

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    I just matched into my first choice EM/IM program at UIC. If the combined program is high on your list, I would recommend not applying to both the combined and categorical at the same institution. Since there are so few EM/IM spots, most programs are looking for someone dedicated to the 5 years and who have strong reasons for wanting to pursue the combined program. I stated in many of my interviews that I was not applying to their categorical program because I was set on EM/IM. In recent years, it has become very competitive (aside from the newer programs) and no longer should be considered a "back door" into EM.

    I personally interviewed at 6 EM/IM programs and then at 11 other EM categorical programs, most of which were 4 year programs. This solidified my decision to rank UIC #1.

    This was my experience and it was successful for me. Let me know if you have more questions.

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