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May 2, 2008
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I am graduating with a BSN this coming December and will be applying to attend graduate school (MHA programs) the following August (2009). I will be applying to UofMich, Ohio State, UofWash, UAB, Minnesota, Iowa, and maybe one two more schools.

Though my degree is in nursing I will have completed statistics, principles of accounting, and principles of micro-economics upon graduation.

I also plan on taking the GRE in a few months (would the GMAT be better?).

My question is for those that have been through the process and have experience that I don't. What advice would you have for someone this early in the application process? If you could go back a year before starting school, during the application process, what would you do the same? What would you do different?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 16, 2007
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I just went through the process and was accepted to UNC, VCU, University of South Carolina, Emory, and wait listed at Hopkins all for their MHA programs.

I think you have to have a clear personal statement stating why you are transitioning from nursing to health administration. Do you plan to be a Nurse Administrator? Do you still plan to continuing in nursing? Definitely talk about your work experiences as a future nurse and from your experiences in the hospital.

I took the GRE in November and applied to all schools by Dec. 1st. I heard by all schools by the end of Feb., so it was a pretty fast turn around. There is no need to take the GMAT, unless you plan to do a combined MHA/MBA program.


the most important thing, i think, is the personal statement. ive been told several times how much admissions officers analyze the personal statement to see if a student has a clear vision of what they want to get out of the degree.

that said, having a good GPA and GRE also help.

it never hurts to find out a bit more about a program by e-mailing profs/current students.
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