Applying for PGY-2 Spot

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Jul 4, 2018
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Does anyone know what the requirements are to apply for a pgy-2 spot? If I don't match and do a transitional year/TRI/pre-lim year, what do I need from that year to count? Do I need to do it at a program that has a psych residency attached? If applying to a prelim/TRI type program do I need new letters and PS? My letters, app, and PS are all geared to psych. I would like to ideally try to not have to redo the entire first year of residency, if possible.

Would appreciate any and all advice for anyone that may know or have personal experience.

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I am currently a pgy 2 psych resident who switched. I switched from pgy 1 neurology to a pgy 2 psych spot. I applied all outside of the match. I got 3 interviews and 1 offer. I applied late Feb when I had my application together so my situation is atypical. Anyway, getting a pgy-2 spot is risky business especially if thats all you apply for. You could end up sitting one year out. The best advice I can give you is to send every psych program a generic email with your Step scores listed and your intentions. Some programs don't advertise but they are looking for pgy-2 applicants. This is what I did. You will get a ton of rejections but You don't spend any money on eras or apps. And you will likely find a few a hidden gems. In terms of my interviews for pgy 2, one was fully paid for by the program (flight, hotel, food everything reimbursed), one was over the computer, and the last I had to pay for the flight and hotel which ended up being the program I went to. So i spent little money on pgy-2 spot which should be the case. So, yea good luck.

Honestly the biggest chance are the spots not advertised. The ones that are usually end up being very competitive. I would check this website constantly

Psychiatry Residency Training Program Vacancies

At this point, psych is becoming a highly valued specialty which will cause less open pgy-2 spots. The pay is increasing, the demand is crazy which is only going to get worse, and the lifestyle is good especially during residency compared to other specialties (weekends off mostly). Just cross your fingers hope some spots open up this year
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