Mar 25, 2010
Podiatry Student
Hey everyone,
I've been lurking on here for quite a while and I really appreciate the good information in here.
Now here is my dilemma, I am planning on taking the MCAT on July 8, 2010 and applying as soon as possible.
Will I be too late in applying?
Or should I just study more and take the MCAT on a later date and apply on the next round to have a better chance of getting into a Medical School?
Because I will be applying earlier to be in the first batch of applicants.
GPA and extracurricular activities are not a problem for me, the MCAT is the only thing that I need to do well on.
Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 13, 2008
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I took an August MCAT and was accepted by mid November. It can happen- you will be late so you might have to wait awhile to get some interviews but if you feel ready for the MCAT (ie you have taken several practice ones and are doing well on them) by July I would say go for it.

Once you finish taking the MCAT you can actually submit your application and many schools will let you do secondaries and submit LOR so when your MCAT score is released your file will be complete. So the key to it working for me was that I had everything in to every school I was applying for and then when my score was released I was complete.

It took about a month after the release for interview invites so my interviews were in early-mid Nov and I was accepted 10 days after my 1st interview.