Applying senior year?

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Jun 24, 2007
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I wanted to know if anyone is planning on applying to med school their senior year and how this might effect ones chances? I ran across this link from Harvard, which says more and more premeds are applying their senior year.
I wanted to post this link because its a good resource) I ask this because I am a little afraid of my planned courseload next semester(Ochem, Quantitative lab, Calc I, Bio I, and a health and welness promotions class) I am thinking of not taking calculus until next semester, leaving me with 11 credits, but more importantly I might not be able to graduate on time. I am wanting to do this so I can get A's in ochem, lab, bio, and the health class, instead of calc potentially bringing all my grades down. Is it wise to sacrifice courseload for grades?? Thanks in advance

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I assume by "applying senior year" you mean doing the AMCAS and all that after graduation. I'm applying this application cycle and I graduated in May. I'm working as a research assistant and it's nice to be making some money for a change. I also had all kinds of time to do my secondaries and prepare for my interviews. No one seems to look down on it, and I don't think anyone would even label me as a "non-traditional" applicant. Whatever. I'm all for it. :thumbup: