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Jun 22, 2016
I plan on applying to optometry schools next year & have been doing a lot of shadowing this summer. By the end of the summer i will have about 100 hours of shadowing in different optometry settings (private practice in a pediatric ophthalmology office, more commercial in a metro optics - similar to a Lenscrafters, & i shadowed at SUNY - shadowed the interns there - for more of an academic setting). I'm also volunteering at a hospital this summer, to gain more patient communication skills. So, I was wondering if all of this is enough summer extracurriculars to get into optometry school? I'm not a big fan of lab work so I haven't really done any types of research or lab work. I've really enjoyed shadowing & feel like i've seen a lot of different cases, a lot of which i think i could use during an interview or personal statement. However, this is the first summer that i've really done anything like this; I've never had a job in an optometry setting or anything before. I am entering my junior year of college, so I can also do some more things next summer, although that's when I'll be applying to optometry school.

Also, I've been thinking of who to ask for letters of recommendation. I was thinking of asking one of my biology teachers (who I've had for cell biology, genetics lecture & lab, & biochemistry), my optometrist who I've been shadowing at the pediatric ophthalmology office, & my superior at the hospital where i've been volunteering. I was wondering if this sounds good, & wanted to know anyone else's experiences about LOR or just applying to optometry schools in general! thanks!!


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Jun 2, 2015
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All of your shadowing sounds great. The more the better! Your letters sound solid as well, make sure they know who you are. Good luck