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Nov 12, 2009
I'm an MS4 who went unmatched in PS this year. I went to a mid-level med school with no PS program, was Junior AOA and scored 265 on both Step1 & Step2. I heard nice things about my letters at programs where I interviewed. I did some research but had no pubs or presentations. I scrambled into a prelim spot at an awesome program, and am trying to figure out my strategy for next year. Has anyone heard of prelims in similar situations matching the following year? Anyone have a sense for how realistic that is or have any other advice for me?



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1. I hope you're doing your intern year at a place that has a Plastics program -- you'll need the support of the faculty there. You might also impress them enough to earn yourself a position in their program.

2. I know of at least one guy who was similar to you -- great scores and AOA and he didn't match. His was a problem of coming off as waaaaaay too cocky and rubbing people the wrong way. He did an intern year and matched the following year. You need to figure out why you didn't match and address it both personally and in your personal statement. You need to tell programs that you didn't know how to play the game (since you came from a school without a Plastics program) and that you didn't get the kind of advice that you needed to stand out.

Be humble. Work your ass off every single day. Look into going into a lab where you can generate some publications.

Good luck.