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Applying while working on post-graduate degree...



    I've been seriously considering waiting another year before applying to medical school and working on my masters after graduating college. One question however: Do most medical schools want you to have completed your post graduate work before applying or can you simply apply while working on your masters then leave the program you are currently in and attend medical school? For example, if you are in a masters program that typically takes 2 years can you apply after one year and leave the program without finishing for medical school?


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    Apr 4, 2007
      You are expected to complete any program you begin. Med schools are wary of people who change their minds a lot, and will expect proof you were awarded the masters degree. They want students who will be committed to graduating from their program. Why not find a one-year's masters program somewhere?


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      Sep 30, 2007
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        I applied while in the middle of a PhD I didn't finish, and I didn't have any problems. I did, however, go to pains to make it clear that I wasn't leaving the PhD program just because of medical school, and I didn't enter the graduate program intending to leave. I think your personal statement and interview become pretty important here. Good luck! PM me if you want more info/advice on how to make this work.
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