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New Member
Jun 11, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Saw a previous thread with these two about 3 years ago need an update. I'm really struggling with picking a school since both have issues I'm scared of.



cheaper $43,000 *

cost of living also cheaper with on campus housing *

better set rotation sites most in AR *

smaller class size

more support from the community / school

seems like better research opportunities in school but not for the subject I want

students seem to like it


haven't graduated a class yet next year will be the first *

first time board scores I think 86%

dress code

mandatory class if under 80%

scared of not coming back to home state since no match data

can only do max 3 aways in 1 subject

not accreditated yet



Older than ARCOM and has graduating classes with a matches in competivite specialites but very few*

bit higher board scores last year they didn't do so well 89%

no real dress code *

only once in a while have mandatory lectures

fourth year lots of electives chances for away rotations but don't know limits


more expensive $52,000*

cost of living more expensive *

rotations are iffy some sites are good but a large majority are in rural areas that don't have residents

new location no graduating class

both locations 1.5 hours away from each other class total is 400 so large with small amount of good rotations

really bad reviews on sdn especially from some 4th years but school has changed a bit maybe idk?*

not that much research opened new lab but not really used

accreditation warning
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The Real PG
Staff member
7+ Year Member
May 10, 2012
  1. Medical Student
I’d vote for DCOM because although they have an accreditation warning, they have been around since 2012. A warning is not a death sentence, and you can go read about it. I’m not saying they’re a perfect school by any means, but you have alumni and other resources to reach out to moving forward through DCOM.

Try to reach out to current students in different years at both schools if you can, especially at DCOM.
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