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Feb 20, 2024
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I have luckily been accepted into both of my top choices! Here is a little about me:
  • I happened to grow up in Arkansas and am now finishing my undergrad in Colorado (I love both locations).
  • I have family in Arkansas close to school
  • I have a SO in Colorado as well as friends from undergrad
  • Big outdoors/active person and have loved picking up snowboarding.
  • Debating costs of medical school and how much it matters how much debt I have (I am interested in sports med, ortho, and have an open mind to pretty much anything)
  • Both have federal loans available
  • Exceptional Board Pass rates (98%)
  • Pass/Fail grading
  • No mandatory attendance (I would probably be going anyway)
  • Get to be in CO and Ski (Close to friends and SO from undergrad)
  • Competitive Matching? (only 2 in Ortho, but they don’t focus on fam med)
  • I enjoy the curriculum structure and think their surgery applications are amazing
  • Seems to focus on STEP and LEVEL Exams

  • Competing for rotations, does not seem you would stay in Denver area (Kansas and South Dakota)
  • Does not seem to match students in CO, always seem to match out of state
  • Pretty High cost of living (Parker outside of Denver, away from mountains)
  • High Tuition ($64,254)
  • Harder to find research opportunities (help me learn about this one!)
  • For profit institution (I didn’t get a bad vibe but for sure have heard some rough things)
  • Not a modern facility, somewhat small feeling

  • Established rotations, seems like lots of hands on experience
  • Brand new research facility, 15 minutes from campus
  • Low cost of living (Fort Smith is way cheaper)
  • Lower Tuition ($55,775 first year and moves to $46,450 last two years)
  • Match a lot of students to Arkansas, great if I plan to live there
  • Close to Mom and Dad, good food/activities in the area
  • Newer building and great technology
  • One of the best conversations I have had with a Dean, open door policy.
  • Some of the best contact from admin, made me feel at home
  • Board Pass rates lower (93%)
  • Mandatory class and dress code (did not seem too bad and after 1st semester not mandatory)
  • Matching into less competitive specialties, most are family med (although surprisingly had more ortho thank RVU)
  • Can be kind of boring in Fort Smith (how much free time will I actually have?)
  • Letter graded
  • Not 100% sure the curriculum is great

Like I said before these were my top two choices going into this cycle, I would be happy at either one but would love to hear from some students at each institution! Thanks for the help guys.

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