Apr 29, 2015
I've been browsing specific MD schools' websites, and I found many have 'suggested' classes listed below the standard Pre-med course load. More than half of these schools suggest taking

1. Psych 101
2. Sociology 101
3. A statistics class
(Sometimes 4. Ethics)

As of now, I have not taken any of those classes. Also, based on schedule for the next year, I likely can only fit in 1 of those classes.

When a school's website mentions these classes as 'suggested' do they pretty much mean that these classes are required? Should I even bother applying to MD schools who list these 3 (or 4) classes on their page, despite not having taken them>?

Or do you all suggest taking a gap year where I take these classes at a local community college or a university that offers these classes to people already bearing a Bachelors degree.


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Jul 26, 2009
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Psych 101 and Soc 101 are both needed for the MCAT
Stats is often required or suggested as part of a math requirement
They are recommended but how many of the applicant pool will have these and you wont?
Adds to competitiveness