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Jan 24, 2004
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Post Bacc for pharm students? Usually any post-bacc should be able to tailor the needs for a pharmacy student in addition to dentists, physician assistants, vets, and so on and so forth. Typcially, postbacc programs are designed for anyone wishing to enter into the "health and related" field and not just medicine. But then of course since the majority of students in the postbacc programs are generally pursing medicine or dentistry, u wont see many pharmacy students there. Im actually in a postbacc program at Rutgers and they just had to tailor my schedule to fit the needs and requirements for pharmacy schools and omit the unnecessary course that are more related to medicine.
All in all, u dont even necessarily need to go through a postbacc program to do you're pharmacy requirements however if u still wish to go with a structed postbacc programk u should call each school and ask if they will accept pharmacy students as well just to make sure.
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