Army National Guard experiences?

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Jun 19, 2010
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Hi, how's it going guys? After completing my active duty service obligation for the Navy HPSP, I was interested in moving back home so that I could be closer to my family. However, I was also still interested in serving the military so I thought the National Guard might be a good option. I couldn't find any clear-cut information on this, so if anyone could provide their insight I would REALLY appreciate it:

1.) Am I qualified for the special pay bonus ($25,000/year taxed for 3 years I believe?) even though I have taken the Navy HPSP? From my understanding, I am not eligible for the HPLRP because I will have had the HPSP. Does having the HPSP limit my eligibility for any other bonuses in the national guard/reserves?

2.) Will I keep the same rank (O3 or O4 in the Navy) and have the same number of years in service when I join the National Guard?

3.) What are the responsibilities and what is the job like as a national guard dentist? In general, what has your experience been like as a National Guard dentist? How many hours a weekend will you work during your 1 weekend a month? Also, what is the service for 2 weeks a year like? How will it affect working for my practice?

4.) If I had a spouse who had dental school loans, would they be able to take the HPLRP ($240,000/year taxed for 6 years) if they also join the National Guard? If so, how competitive is it to get HPLRP for them. From what I heard, applicants can only apply AFTER they join the National Guard. Is this correct?

Again, if anyone could provide any of their insight on this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much everyone and take care.

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Jul 6, 2008
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I'll answer as much as I know in order.
1: I believe you are but check with a recruiter- you are a fully qualified dentist. Special pay for special skills and tough to fill positions
2: as far as I am aware, yes however you should probably know if your an O3 or O4 currently
3: in my unit (a MedDet) we see all the soldiers in the state once a year and ensure they are fit for deployment. Generally positive although the hours can suck, I'd like to do a little more Hoorah Army type stuff but I also understand why uncle sam pays me. Hours generally around 22 hours working between sat and sun. My unit for the ADT (2 week) we have two sessions a year. The docs generally do one week for each session, depends how it will affect your practice. If your a solo guy it'll be shut down
4: yes, not competitive if you have it written in your contract. Make sure its spelled out in your contract. Recruiters are pro's at distorting things as you should already know, I'm still not super sure what I signed my first go around