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Aug 22, 2002
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i am interested in any information anyone might have on army rads residency at walter reed, madigan, tripler, or san antonio. what are the pros/cons of each program? is one more competitive than another? what sort of board scores are competitive? i would appreciate any info. thanks.


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Jul 1, 2002
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Although I am not in the Army, I have spoken to Rad Residents at Walter Reed. They really liked the program. They get to rotate through the NNMC (National Naval Medical Center), as well as having the AFIP right there. Many good resources.

I am more familiar with the Navy system, but I'm sure it shares some of the same characteristics as the Army. The Navy programs (right now) are ultra-competitive. Basically the same scores as good civilian programs require. The Navy usually requires a GMO tour before doing residency, so a civilian deferment is the way to go if a person wants to go straight through.

I have a friend in the Army that applied to Army radiology programs his first year out, so I don't think that a GMO tour is mandatory for his branch.
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