Army Residency Timeline?

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Nov 11, 2017
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Hello everyone!

I am currently a rising 4th year (class of 2025) and I got an email recently from ms Roxanne for the Army Residency applications. I was a little confused about the timing since it mostly seemed like specialty applications. But a few questions I added below.

1. In the email it said 22 July 2024 is the application deadline, that is for the mandatory AEGD-1 as well?
2. I wanted to apply to endo as well. I know odds are next to nothing for a student and I have a middle class rank. I can use the same application to apply to both?
3. I also saw that it said the application selects officers for residency for 1 July 2026. So If I get selected for endo I will snowbird a year and start in 2026? I haven’t heard of that before so I’m not sure if it meant to say July 2025.
4. Can I apply to endo residency again next summer right after graduation?

Thanks for all the help. I am just a big confused on the timelines and haven’t had much communication with HPSP about it. Now I need to put an application together and ask for LORs and only have two months :’)

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1. I believe you AEGD 1 is separate.
2. Use the the one you were sent to apply to endo
3. Correct, snowbird. Why? Most have not completed BOLC which prevents a Jul1 start. Army applications are 2 years out basically.
4. Sure, for 2027