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Army Summer Physical Test


10+ Year Member
Dec 28, 2010
The dirty south
  1. Non-Student
HPSP here, quick question,
has the Army transitioned to doing the ACFT yet? Im headed to DCC in a couple days and wondering.

ACFT has been put on hold. Right now the APFT is still the physical fitness test everyone is using. All for record APFT results are good for a year per latest guidance.

As for DCC, it will be up to the schoolhouse what they do. Some schoolhouses have been doing no APFT/ACFT due to COVID 19. Some have been doing APFT to pass the course. Some have been doing ACFT and if someone cannot pass all events they can do the APFT.

As for DCC they do not require a passing APFT to graduate unless something has changed since last fall. When I went last fall we took a diagnostic APFT the first week, but it was not for record. We also did PT about every other day or so as a platoon and then you also could do PT on your own when not in classes/trainings. We also did an ACFT, but mainly for familiarization with the events and how to set one up. Not sure how things will be with COVID restrictions in place.

Be prepared to be extremely flexible at DCC, especially with all the COVID restrictions. If you are prior service it will be a cake walk.
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