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May 8, 2003
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I was at the post military match student reception the other week and spoke to several program directors at different army hospitals. One of the fields I'm interested in is Urology. I was a little surprised when I started talking to the guy representing Brooke's program b/c once I mentioned I had more A's then B's (although I'm not AOA), he became almost sort of like a high-pressure salesman and told me that if I did a 6-week rotation at the very beginning of fourth year that would almost gaurantee my getting accepted into that program. Since then he's also sent me an email about it.

My question is, is this guy just a super-recruiter who tells every candidate this same stuff? Urology is generally very competitive, so I was kind of surprised at how hard he seemed to be recruiting since I'm a competitive but not stellar applicant. Is urology not as competitive in the Army due to the extra year of training and hence extra comitment time? I'm a little hesitant to sign up for a 6 week rotation since that might prevent me from doing another ADT somewhere else, but if it would truly almost definitely get me in, then it would be worth it!


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Dec 10, 2003
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This sounds very much like Dr. Morey. He likes to recruit early!!! I was going to do Urology until I decided not to spend my life in the OR. He is true to his word but check out the other army urology programs. I liked Tripler the best. True, army urology is much less competitive than civilian world. About 1.3 aplicants per position - this year 8 or 9 for 6 positions. Rotate everywhere and don't spend 6 weeks in one place.