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Feb 27, 2019
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Hi everybody, just had a quick question regarding the med student slots in the ARNG. I’m currently a 2LT who had an ROTC scholarship in undergrad and will be starting med school this fall.
Will my years in a med student slot count towards my rotc commitment or does it start after graduation from med school? I’m curious because I am thinking of joining the MDSSP program for a year or 2 and want to see how much of a commitment I would still have after graduation. Thanks!


No idea, there is bound to be a regulation somewhere. You’ll want to read that and not just trust a recruiter


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Jun 15, 2017
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2-11. Military Service Obligation.
a. All scholarship winners who contract will be required to sign a contract which
obligates them to serve in the military for a period of 8 years. b. This obligation will be fulfilled in several ways.
(1) If selected for active duty, the lieutenant will serve a minimum of 4 years followed by service in the ARNG, USAR, or the IRR for the remaining 4 years.
(2) If selected for reserve duty, the lieutenant will serve eight years in the selected reserve, i.e., an ARNG unit or a USAR Troop Program Unit.

22 USACC Regulation 145-1 • 2 August 2016

So, if you were selected for reserve duty, it seems you could burn off time by being a drilling reservist while in medical school. Easier said than done. No doubt you would need one really nice, understanding CO.

You should google the heck out of Army regs that deal with ROTC
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Feb 27, 2011
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I did ROTC then National Guard during med school. Initially, I was slotted as a 70B and then as a 00E67 (med student). All that time counts towards your ROTC contract time. Personally, I'd hold off on the MDSSP until you get some experience in med school and the guard and see how you like it. MDSSP will add to your obligation. Get your feet wet and see what you think before adding to that contract. .


I guess I’m wondering can I drill as a medical student in the Guard without taking MDSSP.
I believe so, I have heard some recruiters say you can't but have never seen one actually produce a written army policy saying that
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