Aug 21, 2017
Pre-Occupational Therapy
I am interested in practicing art therapy in rehab settings using a holistic approach - mind-body connection, etc. However, I am torn between two options:
1- getting a MS/MA in psychotherapy (LPC) with a specialization in Rehab and a postgraduate certificate in art therapy; or
2 - getting a Master's in Occupational therapy plus the same certificate.
Ok, I understand that two fields are different. As a LPC I will work on spiritual healing, CBT maybe, using art as a tool for self expression, cleansing etc. As an OT I will be more focused on teaching people to take care of themselves, brush teeth etc. and maybe incorporating art as an adjunctive activity. Am I right? Which degree do you think provides more flexibility, opportunities for growth, variety, creativity and practicing a holistic approach etc? Any opinions will be highly appreciated.
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