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Apr 26, 2004
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Yeah, I heard that as well. I don't think it is true yet. The bill is SB85. It was first read on 2/21/05 and was sent to the committee on commerce and labor. They saw it on 2/24/05 but now action was taken. This is all I could see on the legislature site. I don't know much about this sort of thing (forgot my high school govt), but sounds like there is still a ways to go.
Maybe someone else out there knows this better than I...

I just freakin' hope it happens. The nevada board is a total pain in the butt.
For all those not living in nevada some has a pass rate of about 35-40%, and they require the examinee to do upper and lower full dentures (you can walk in only with custom trays). You have to do all the work yourself ie. wax rims, set teeth.

So, WREB would save us a lot of worrying (a more appropriate and fair exam in my opinion). The nevada dental association supports the WREB but a lot of old docs in the state want only the state administered board (they did it so we have to do I guess we'll see.

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Feb 5, 2004
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Full upper and lower denture on a board exam? Is this the 1920's or what? Do the gentleman on the Nevada board realize that we have competent/well-trained CDT's to do that and no dentist in his/her right mind would do a wax rim, set teeth, cast denture, etc.?

What else is on the Nevada board? I would be interested to know.

Go WREBs...they suck, but not THAT bad.